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​​Explore, operate, commercialize, transport and supply coal in an efficient and reliable way, with high safety standards and protection to the environment and communities.


Be recognized in the national and international mining sector, as the safest, most efficient and reliable coal producer and exporter, developing growing strategies, with the highest standards in safety, health, environment and sustainable development that allow us to offer products of excellent quality, demonstrating that we are a company that follows ethical parameters, a defender of human rights, which contributes to the well-being and development of the surrounding communities.

Personal Data Policy

Committed to complying with the rules and protecting the integrity of our collaborators, we put at your disposition our Personal Data Protection Policy in the following link.

If you need special attention on the processing of personal data, please fill the following form.

Contact Us

Calle 77B N° 59 – 61 - Oficina 1204
Tel.: +57 (5) 361 4900
Barranquilla – Atlántico, Colombia.


CNR is located en the Town of La Loma, Municipality of El Paso In the department of Cesar, In northern Colombia.


Manifestamos nuestro repudio ante los numerosos casos de amenaza
y estigmatización
(ver Adjunto )

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